Preserve a Damaged Tooth With Root Canal Therapy

If tooth pain is clamoring for your attention, it may be time to seek help from a reputable dentist. Extensive decay or infection may be causing your pain, and you can save an endangered tooth with root canal therapy. The experienced endodontists at Redlands Family Dentistry in Redlands, CA, provide painless treatment that can bring relief and peace of mind.

About Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a common dental procedure that may sound scary due to its reputation, but is actually quite painless. Usually, the pain that brings a patient into the office is the worst of the experience, and root canal therapy works to eliminate the discomfort.

A root canal is the interior channel within a tooth, extending from the central chamber to the bottom of its roots. It is the pulp chamber and surrounding area that can become infected by bacteria. The root canal procedure cleans out the decay and infected tissue and fills and stabilizes the tooth.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, it is important to act as quickly as possible for the best outcome. However, pain and discomfort are not the only sign that something is wrong with your teeth or gums. Another sign includes a draining, pimple-like sore near a damaged tooth. If left untreated, an infected tooth would almost certainly require extraction.

Root canal therapy cannot always save a severely damaged tooth, but our specialists are successful in most cases. For a weakened tooth, a dental crown is often necessary to restore bite strength and stability. We can provide quality crowns in our in-office dental lab.

Illustration of an infected tooth after root canal therapy.

Understanding the Procedure 

Our endodontists have years of experience providing effective root canal therapy. Our goal is your comfort and to provide care that treats existing oral health issues and prevents future problems. To begin, we will use digital x-rays to diagnose the source of your trouble.

Sedation is always offered to help anxious patients remain more comfortable. For the root canal procedure, a numbing anesthetic works to prevent any sensation of pain. Additional anesthetic may be injected into the nerve throughout the procedure to prevent discomfort.

Successful root canal therapy will save your tooth, eliminate pain, return stability, and restore overall oral health.

The pulp chamber and canal will be cleaned and reshaped, so that it can be filled. Any infected tissue is removed and the interior of the tooth is thoroughly disinfected. Depending on the individual case, treatment may be completed in a single visit, or a second appointment may be needed.

The completed tooth will be permanently filled and sealed, then covered with a protective dental crown. Our practice offers CEREC® technology to provide a same-day crown in many cases. In the first few days after treatment, there may be sensitivity, but over-the-counter or prescribed medication can help alleviate this. Successful root canal therapy will save your tooth, eliminate pain, return stability, and restore overall oral health.

Eliminate Your Tooth Pain Today

Patients can contact our practice day or night to request emergency service. We make every effort to accommodate urgent needs and get you in for treatment as soon as possible. Redlands Family Dentistry provides complete dental care utilizing the latest advanced technologies, and offers sedation dentistry for anxious patients. To schedule your appointment or learn more about root canal therapy, contact our dental practice today.

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