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TMJ Disorder Treatment

Your temporomandibular joints (TMJs) are subjected to a tremendous amount of daily stress. As a result, they can become damaged, and the surrounding tissue may become inflamed. If you suffer jaw pain, headaches, ear pain, or other symptoms of TMJ disorder, we may have the solution. Our doctors can use computed tomography (CT) scans to examine your overall bite alignment. Typically, we can treat TMJ disorder with custom-crafted oral splints. These devices will realign your jaw and reduce muscle tightness.

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Dental Extractions

Dr. Frederick Hoffer and Dr. Grace Kim perform many types of extractions, including complex wisdom tooth removal. In almost all cases, they will recommend a bone grafting procedure at the same time. During this treatment, they will use your bone or another bone augmenting material to maintain your jawbone structure. This procedure can prevent bone degeneration and loss. It may also enable you to receive dental implants or another restorative treatment option in the future. Our dentists use gentle techniques, and we also offer effective sedation options. In some cases, a 3­D imaging scan will be used to determine the complexity and possible side effects of a complex extraction and our dentists may opt to refer you to a specialist.

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Root Canal Therapy

Our on-site endodontist, Dr. Michael Sechrist, specializes in root canal therapy. During the procedure, he uses a high-power microscope for precise, efficient treatment. He can show you magnified images of your teeth, so you will be fully informed about your dental health. Using our advanced tools and techniques, Dr. Sechrist can often complete root canal therapy in just one appointment. For some patients, scheduling can be coordinated so that you can have the crown procedure completed with Dr. Hoffer or Dr. Kim the same day utilizing CEREC technology. 

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Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), your soft oral tissues collapse while you sleep, blocking your airways. Each time you stop breathing, you will wake up, often unconsciously. As a result, you will never get a full night’s rest. Dr. Hoffer and Dr. Kim typically treat sleep apnea using The Moses® oral appliance. This custom-made device will fit around your teeth enabling us to adjust the position of your lower jaw to help open your airway.

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Our on-staff orthodontist, Dr. Terri Neufeld, offers a range of treatment options. She will provide a complete consultation and exam to determine the right treatment for your needs. Traditional braces consist of metal brackets, joined together with a metal wire. The wire will exert a gentle force, gradually realigning your teeth. Clear braces work similarly, but they are more discreet. For maximum subtlety, you may choose Invisalign® or other products like this. These clear aligner trays often offer comparable results to traditional braces.

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Deep Cleanings

Gum disease is a common condition that can have serious consequences for your oral-systemic health. The condition develops when bacteria accumulate in pockets below your gum line. During a deep cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing, your hygienist will remove bacteria from your gums. She will also level out the rough patches on your dental roots since these areas often harbor bacteria. Our hygienists use piezo ultrasonic scalers to perform this treatment with minimal discomfort. 

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Periodontal Treatment

In addition to deep cleanings, we offer a number of treatment options to enhance and restore your gum health. If you have excess gum tissue or irregularly shaped gums, your dentist can perform gum contouring with a soft tissue laser. He or she can also perform a frenectomy, removing the excess skin on your inner upper lip. Gum grafting can be an effective treatment for receding gums. Of course, we also provide regular checkups and preventative care to keep gum disease at bay.

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Sports Mouth Guards

Even the most safety-conscious athletes may forget to protect their dental health. Sports mouth guards can prevent broken and missing teeth, as well as injuries to your lips and cheeks. Dr. Hoffer and Dr. Kim provide custom-made mouth guards. These devices will fit comfortably and securely around your teeth. Although many sporting goods stores offer mouth guards, custom-crafted devices afford greater protection and comfort. If you or your child plays contact sports, a mouth guard is essential to protecting the integrity of your smile.

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