Gum Contouring with Advanced Laser Dentistry Technology

Laser dentistry at our Redlands, CA, practice uses safe and precise technology to remove gum tissue for a bigger, brighter smile. During your consultation with Dr. Hoffer, Dr. Kim, or Dr. Sechrist, your dentist will listen to your concerns and cosmetic desires, structuring a treatment plan to help you reach your goals. At Redlands Family Dentistry, we believe in treating our patients the way we would want to be treated. From the moment you walk in our door, you will receive compassionate care in a friendly environment. State-of-the-art diode laser therapy can eliminate excess tissue, minimize dental misalignment, and treat the side effects of periodontitis to help you achieve a beautifully contoured smile. 

Laser Dentistry Applications

An example of gum contouring with laser dentistry technologyYou may be an ideal candidate for laser gum contouring if you have the appearance of short and stubby teeth, a “gummy” smile, receding gums, or are experiencing the side effects of gum disease.

It can also be used to perform a frenectomy. This procedure involves removing the frenum, the fold of skin that connects your gums to the inside of your upper lip. A painful or restrictive frenum can cause dental misalignment and speech impediments.

From the moment you walk in our door, you will receive compassionate care in a friendly environment.

At Redlands Family Dentistry, we use diode laser technology that both incises and seals the tissue simultaneously, minimizing bleeding and swelling for a smooth, virtually painless procedure and recovery. This promotes a safe and more effective treatment compared to traditional methods involving a scalpel and sutures.

Planning and Performing Treatment

At your initial consultation, one of our doctors will perform a detailed exam to identify your cosmetic goals, explain the benefits of laser dentistry, and the help you understand the results you can expect to achieve. To formulate a personalized plan, your dentist will also review the restorative and cosmetic procedures available, such as porcelain veneers, dental crowns, or periodontal therapy that can be paired with your laser treatment.

Your dentist will administer a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area. Next, the dentist will use the diode laser to begin gently trimming away the excess gum tissue and sculpting your gum line for a straighter, healthier-looking smile. Your dentist will then perform any additional cosmetic and restorative procedures involved in your overall treatment plan. In most cases, your procedure can be completed in one office visit.

After your procedure, you may experience some minor swelling for the first week, but there is no downtime. For optimal healing, we recommend:

  • A diet of soft foods, avoiding anything overly hot or spicy for the first few days
  • Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever for any discomfort
  • Gently brushing and flossing your teeth

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry results in:

  • Faster recovery
  • Safer method
  • Optimal comfort
  • Beautifully contoured smile

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